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Women Work Together (WWT) partners with our Guatemalan sister organization to unlock the potential of girls in the rural communities of the Mayan highlands to stay in school, direct their own futures, and become leaders in their communities. Our Leadership Institute impacts over 1,000 girls throughout their middle school years with comprehensive, sequential programs that prepare them for financially viable lives and that change the community’s expectations for their daughters’ futures. WWT, a nonprofit organization based in Boulder CO, is staffed entirely by volunteers. We provide technical assistance and funding to support the work in Guatemala.


Great News

The Zimmer Family Foundation has granted $5000 to our Mi Hermanita (My Little Sister) program. In announcing the award, Collins Zimmer described the program as “very intriguing and unique, ” highlighting the inclusion of mothers of both the big and little sisters as part of what attracted them to funding this particular program. He also expressed the foundation’s admiration for all of the work being done by the ADIMTU team in Guatemala. The Zimmer Family previously funded Mi Hermanita two years ago.

During the 2016 academic year, ADIMTU is continuing the Mi Hermanita program with 200+ 9th grade girls from our 13 schools paired with 200+ “little sisters” who are in grades 1-3 and identified by their teachers as at high risk of dropping out. This program provides academic and emotional support that is helping to keep them in school and improve their self-confidence as learners. Simply put, staying in school secures a future for these girls that would otherwise be out of reach.

When WWT co-founder, Diane Dvorin visited San Pedro Sacatepéquez last year, she talked with an elementary school teacher in Santa Teresa who spontaneously reported that that his young students were more motivated, more successful and more excited about school as a result of this program. He wanted her to know first-hand about the huge impact Mi Hermanita is having on his students, classroom and colleagues as well as on the school community as a whole.

It is exactly this kind of success that the Zimmer Family Foundation has recognized and is funding.

Women Work Together and ADIMTU appreciate volunteer Nico Cabrera-Schneider for his follow-up with the Zimmer Family Foundation and his continued fundraising leadership.

Educated Girls Change the Future.

Asociación del Desarrollo Integral: Mujeres Trabajan Unidas (ADIMTU), is WWT’s sister organization in San Pedro Sacatepéquez (SPS), San Marcos, Guatemala. ADIMTU’s professional staff develop and deliver programs for girls, their mothers, fathers and teachers, that advance changes in customary practices around educating girls.  As a registered Guatemalan civil association (non-profit), ADIMTU is managed by an independent Junta Directiva (Board of Directors) whose members have been WWT’s partners and local advocates for girls since 2009.

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We put every dollar to work

  • $25

    Buys notebooks and art supplies for 10 girls to produce the books that record their Mother's Life Story

  • $100

    Buys 5 kit bags of books and supplies for 10 Big and Little Sisters to use together

  • $500

    Buys 50 books for the girls to read themselves and to their families

  • $1000

    Pays for 2 full-day workshops, one with mothers and one with fathers and daughters

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