Milhelm Daniel Orozco Navarro, Board President
Program Administrator, Emergency Preparedness Services, San Pedro Sacatepéquez, San Marcos

Milhelm holds a master’s degree in development and a bachelor’s in agricultural & environmental engineering. He was previously Director of Planning for the Municipality of San Pedro. He has three children, two daughters in college and one son in junior high.


Silvia Sanchez de Rivera, Board Treasurer
Business Owner/Manager, La Moda– Sewing Fabrics + Ready-to-Wear

Prior to starting her two successful retail stores, Silvia graduated as a primary school teacher and subsequently studied Business Administration. She is wife of the current Governor of San Marcos. They have three children, one son recently graduated from college, another starting college, and a daughter in high school.


Luz Marina Fuentes Orozco
Business Owner/Manager, La Suprema Restaurant + other family-owned enterprises

Along with managing diverse enterprises, from hospitality to media businesses, Lucy is a visible community advocate for girls and women. She previously hosted radio and TV talk shows that focused on related issues, She is married to the former mayor of San Pedro, now representing the Dept. of San Marcos in the National Congress.  They have three adult daughters, all of whom are run successful local businesses. Lucy is also a member of the Board of Directors of Women Work Together.


Mynor Navarro
Project Manager, Economic Development Programs, Dept. of San Marcos

Mynor was previously Director of Economic Development for the Municipality of San Pedro where his responsibilities included programs to advance women-owned businesses. His wife runs her own small business. They have three children, a son in college plus a son and daughter in junior high.


Juanita Orozco
Program Manager – Ministry of Social Development

Juanita has extensive experience as a field worker in area villages, advancing programs sponsored by the Ministry of Health and the recently established Ministry of Social Development. She is married and has adult children.


Judith Castañón Miranda
Program Director, ADIMTU

Appointed in 2009 by then Mayor Orozco Arriola, Judith was the founding director of San Pedro’s Municipal Women’s Office (Oficina Municipal de la Mujer  – OMM), where she both managed and delivered diverse training and technical assistance programs for girls’ and women’s groups. Born and raised in a village adjacent to the urban center, Judith is an experienced field worker who is intimately familiar with each of the villages where ADIMTU works. She has an undergraduate degree in Social Work and is about to complete the advanced degree of Licensed Social Worker.  Judith and her husband, an agronomist, have 4 young daughters who are all successful students.



Marco Antonio Orozco Arriola, Legislator, Guatemalan National Congress

Marco Antonio is represents the Dept. of San Marcos in the National Congress. A successful businessman, he was previously the mayor of San Pedro Sacatepéquez for nearly ten years where he was responsible for innovative programs that advanced educational and economic opportunities for girls and women. He holds an M.D. degree and is married to ADIMTU Board member Lucy Fuentes


Luís Harold Rivera Joachin, Governor, Dept. of San Marcos

Previously a leading member of the City Council of San Pedro, Luis continues to be an important voice for educational and economic opportunity for girls and women. Trained as an accountant, he’s pursued additional studies in business and administration. He is married to ADIMTU Board member Silvia Sanchez.