The shared mission of Women Work Together and ADIMTU is to unlock the potential of Mayan girls in Guatemala to stay in school, direct their own futures, and become leaders in their communities.

We believe that the endemic poverty in Guatemala’s Mayan highlands can be ended one girl at a time, if she is educated and adequately prepared for a financially viable future.


Girls learn group and leadership skills in their regular classroom. Girls were almost never singled out for leadership training before WWT and ADIMTU programs were introduced.

The research is clear. Educating a girl results in higher individual and family income, fewer and healthier children, improved gender relations, and increased community involvement. Significantly, educated women send their own children, both girls and boys, to school.

Through our school-based, participatory Leadership Institute, WWT and ADIMTU strive to promote positive changes from the ground up. We working systemically, involving the girls, their parents, teachers and community leaders, in learning how everyone benefits by educating daughters.


Delivering books purchased by WWT to school in Guatemala

Our programs reflect and advance the emerging local attitudes that girls and women should have full access to education, economic opportunity and engagement in a civil society.