Judith Castañón Miranda, Program Director, ADIMTU

Appointed in 2009 by then Mayor Orozco Arriola, Judith was the founding director of San Pedro’s Municipal Women’s Office (Oficina Municipal de la Mujer  – OMM), where she both managed and delivered diverse training and technical assistance programs for girls’ and women’s groups. Born and raised in a village adjacent to the urban center, Judith is an experienced field worker who is intimately familiar with each of the villages where ADIMTU works. She has an undergraduate degree in Social Work and is about to complete the advanced degree of Licensed Social Worker.  Judith and her husband, an agronomist, have 4 young daughters who are all successful students.


Alejandra Ramos de León, Field Worker/Program Coordinator, ADIMTU

Alejandra has been primarily responsible for executing the Family Reading Time program in the rural villages where she works directly with the girls, bringing books and reading-for-pleasure into the their lives and, by extension, into the lives of their families. Formerly a literacy coordinator for San Pedro Women’s Office (Oficina Municipal de la Mujer – OMM), she is one of the rare girls from her small town to attend high school much less college.  Alejandra has a degree in Elementary Education and is currently attending law school part-time.


Nancy Pérez Orozco Navarro, Field Worker/Program Coordinator, ADIMTU

Nancy has been ADIMTU’s point person for the My Little Sister’s program. She works primarily with the young teen mentors and participating teachers and mothers of both the big and little sisters, facilitating workshops  Having worked in a bank for six years, Nancy returned to school to study psychology and is about to compete her master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling. She was initially an intern with ADIMTU as part of her course work.  She had her husband, an agronomist, have 3 young boys, including a set of twins, who are all succeeding in school.


Marla Lopez Váquez, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

Marla handles day-to-day communications and administration, staffing the growing ADIMTU office while the others are working in the field. She is responsible for all of ADIMTU’s record-keeping, bookkeeping and logistics management.  Previously Marla managed sales, accounting and purchasing departments for a local business. She also has experience working in government, managing service delivery and benefit programs plus a stint overseeing election returns.  She has a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of San Carlos and is pursuing additional degrees in accounting and economics while also studying English.


Karina Sussel Mendóza Molina, Field Worker/ Change Agent, ADIMTU

Susy is the most recent addition to the ADIMTU team. Certified as a pre-primary teacher, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of San Carlos. Susy previously worked in development-related organizations, essentially promoting community development and gender equality in rural communities. This has given her the opportunity to work with women of different ages and learn about their ways of life, interests, and potential/aspirations. She has also worked at the University of San Carlos helping social work students to integrate their theoretical and practical studies. Susy’s husband is an agronomist with the Food Security Agency working in San Marcos municipalities affected by malnutrition.  They have three children, two daughters 15 & 10, and a son, 11. According to Susy, her family is the engine that motivates her personal and professional life.

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