On the ground results

An informal but significant measure of our success has been the fact that after only 2 years of piloting, the programs of The Leadership Institute have been accepted at all 13 SPS rural and suburban middle schools.  In a very short time, ADIMTU’s work has evolved from an occasional after school club activity to one in which teachers are setting aside class time for ADIMTU staff to work directly with all of the girls in all 3 grades of middle school.  School attendance and retention are improving, and attitudes among parents and community leaders about the merits of educating girls are changing.  There is much anecdotal data to suggest that we are indeed changing lives, and we are now poised to demonstrate this with quantitative data as well.

A new beginning

Under the leadership of Rose Marie Perez Foster, Director of Evaluation, we have implemented a comprehensive system for program and organization evaluation. Typically, in the startup phase of any enterprise, it is extraordinarily difficult to find consistent variables to assess change, but now that we have solidified partnerships with local schools and have worked through two years of pilot programming, we can begin consistent monitoring.