Teachers, Families and Community


ADIMTU hosts 4 – 6 workshops annually with the teachers and principals involved in The Institute.  These include information about the projects we will bring to their schools in addition to basic instruction in pedagogy and educational strategies.  The federal Ministry of Education is currently working nationally to improve the quality of education by increasing the competencies required of teachers. Significant among these is a shift from top down authoritarian structures to more interactive, participatory educational models. As this approach is central to all our work, the ADIMTU staff demonstrates teaching and learning strategies in their work with educators that are increasingly essential for meeting Guatemala’s emerging standards of best practice.


As all our projects are school and family based, involvement by members of the girl’s extended families is essential to success.  Family members must support the girls’ education, financially as well as emotionally, for without their encouragement, the girls on their own would be exactly where their mothers have been and that history will repeat itself.  ADIMTU staff work throughout the year with mothers, fathers and grandparents to familiarize them with The Institute, the projects their daughters will be working on, and the critical role parents must play.   These include community meetings as well as individual home visits when warranted.  Over time, ADIMTU staff members become very familiar with each community, its strengths and limitations, politics and power structures, so as to operate within each one to maximize the success of the work.


Over the last several years, ADIMTU has become recognized as an agent of community change and as such, is often called upon to do workshops or presentation on the importance of educating girls and the impacts this will have on families, communities and the country.  They are frequent presenters on local TV, and are becoming known as conduits for innovative programming directed at San Pedro communities.  This role is sure to expand over time as financial support and staff time allow.