Mi Hermanita

Grade #9 Mi Hermanita ( My Little Sister )

Las Hermanitas Sta Theresa

This project continues to enhance the girl’s belief in her own capacity as leader and gives her the opportunity to demonstrate this role at the community level as she assumes the responsibility to tutor a younger girl who is at risk of dropping out of school.
Children in 2nd or 3rd grade often fail academically because their illiterate mothers can’t help them with their school -work, and poor grades are one of the two main reasons young girls abandon school.

Mi Hermanita addresses this problem by pairing older students with younger girls identified as at risk by their own teachers. Each girl schedules weekly home visits both to help with school -work and provide an important role model for staying in school. ADIMTU staff work with the older girls to develop participatory activities to use with their young charges, and arms them with satchels of books, art material and games to foster curiosity and a love of learning. Nearly 200 primary school girls benefit each year from this project. This is only tutoring program in the state.
In the project evaluation at the end of the 2013 school year, the girls rated their little sister as 5.73 out of 10 on average for her academic abilities at the start of the year and 9.46 at the end, with an average change of 4.08.

In addition, teachers and parents of both the younger and older girls appreciate the responsibility demonstrated by the older girls and the increased levels of academic achievement by the young ones. The classroom teachers who coordinate activities among schools receive a stipend for their time, and community members have an additional experience of the benefits of educating its daughters.