La Lectura Familiar

Grade #8  La Lectura Familiar 
( Family Reading Time )

Children Reading

This project builds on each girl’s role as a change agent in her family by teaching her the skills needed to read aloud, and a supply of books she can take home to share with her family.

Direct instruction by ADIMTU staff to build reading skill and fluency is follow by participatory activities to test comprehension until the girls feel confident to choose books to take home to their families.  These are shared with often illiterate parents or grandparents, siblings, and extended members of the family and bring new information and stories of peoples and worlds beyond the immediate community.  Over the year, as the girls borrow up to 5 -6 books to share at home, the families horizons widen, the value of having an educated daughter are made manifest, and other children in the family experience a powerful role model.  In some cases, this project culminates with the girls becoming authors and writing their own books to share.  In a culture where the illiteracy rate is very high and there is almost no custom of reading, this project acts as a powerful agent of change.

In the project evaluation at the end of the 2013 school year, the girls reported an average of 5.61 out of 10 in their interest in reading at the start of the year and 9.23 at the end, with an average change of 3.67. They scored themselves on average as 5.77 in their confidence to read out loud before the project and 8.94 afterwards, with a change of 3.19.